My Love Affair with Food!

I have a confession, I’m having a love affair with food! I love food. I pretty much plan my entire day around my meals. I like to know in advance what I’m eating because it gives me something to look forward to (no, I don’t have a sad, lonely life) and I’m not tempted to eat out. Brunch has to be my favourite, you get the best of both worlds, sweet and savoury. I’m always down to try anything new, but I’m actually pretty picky too. I like my meat cooked and not pink, I like seafood but I’m not a fan of shrimp or calamari and I tend to choose “junk food” over healthy food.

I enjoy cooking and baking and can’t wait to get into my own place so that I can cook and bake to my heart’s content! The only bad thing about being in love with food is that food is not exactly figure friendly. Lately, I’ve been cheating on my workouts with some good ol’ comfort food (hello love handles!). I can’t help it but there’s something about eating a Big Mac and those yummy golden fries that just speaks to my soul! I also think it’s stress eating, but I need to channel that energy into my workouts. I love kickboxing and found an amazing place in Woodbridge, KLF Fitness. It’s a kickboxing bootcamp and literally after 45 minutes you are dripping in sweat and sore for days. Just talking about working out is making me excited to go workout. I honestly crave that sore feeling. There’s something satisfying about being sore after after a crazy workout and discovering muscles you never knew existed.

Don’t get me wrong though, I do enjoy healthy foods. I love fruits and veggies and my body actually craves healthy meals, especially after eating yummy delicious fattening foods. I don’t drink pop or juices, only water, and if I’m craving something fizzy, I’ll drink some carbonated water. I drink my coffee black and don’t like sugary drinks. My go to healthy meals are turkey meatballs with a sweet potato mash and steamed broccoli or a “fried” brown rice stir fry with veggies and chicken. I’ve had to train my body to crave these foods. I used to hate broccoli, but now love it. It’s all about balance. Eat healthy, workout, drink lots of water and every now and then, treat yourself!

Maybe I should post some recipes up, what do you beautiful people think?

XOXO Jazkirn


One thought on “My Love Affair with Food!

  1. Omg the first paragraph is totally relatable minus the last line haha I LOVE FOOD AS WELL. i’ve been struggling with motivation to hit the gym but I think it’s about time. So inspiring to know that you look forward to working out. I have heard from others too that exercises are contagious. And a big YES for the recipes, go ahead and post but please include easy ones in addition for a “not so great cook” like me hehe.

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