The Waiting Game

I know I haven’t posted in awhile but I’ve just kind of been in a slump. It’s been over a month since I was let go and I’m a little frustrated. I think I’ve applied to over 100 positions and only heard back from a handful. Why even post the position if you’re going to hire internally?!

To be honest, this whole hiring process is bullshit!!! First, you upload your resume online, then you fill out a form that is pretty much your entire resume, THAT YOU ALREADY UPLOADED! Once your application is submitted you wait. Second, comes the phone interview. They ask you all these questions and make you go through your entire resume. I literally just read my resume to them which I’m pretty sure they have sitting in front of them and have already looked at. After that they tell you they’ll be in touch for an in-person interview, which probably won’t happen for another two weeks or so. If you’re lucky, you’ll get an interview and once again you pretty much read out your resume to them. Like to be honest, I’m pretty sure you know if you’re going to hire me or not from the phone call, why are we wasting time?! Oh, I forgot, here comes the wait while they call your references, and if you have ex-bosses like mine, they’re probably never in their office because they’re so busy. Why can’t the hiring process just be simple; here’s my resume, if you like me I’ll come in and meet with you. I’m pretty sure after meeting me you’ll know if it’s a yes or no. STOP WASTING MY TIME AND YOURS WITH THIS NEVER ENDING, BULLSHIT PROCESS!!!!

I’ve also just found out that the salary range that I’ve been looking for is way too low for my experience. I recently had a headhunter ask why I’ve been asking for such a low salary. She’s like you should be asking for a lot more than that considering your experience. I was shocked, because anytime I brought up my salary range I was told that I was too ambitious and now I find out that the companies I worked for had been taking advantage of me! I could not believe the difference in how much other people with my experience are getting compared to what I was getting. THIS CHANGES EVERYTHING! I now refuse to accept anything lower than that what I believe I’m worth.

I have an interview tomorrow and hopefully the outcome is positive, but I’m really waiting on another company that I have been wanting to get into for years. I’ve gotten through the phone interview phase and am waiting for the next steps. *fingers crossed* (please send positive vibes my way. 🙏🏽)

I promise to post a more positive, entertaining and motivating post this week. It’s in the works and I know you’re all going to love it!

XOXO Jazkirn




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