Life, as it is.

I know it’s been awhile since I’ve posted something but it’s just been a little crazy and to be honest I was just being lazy. I had done up a couple of posts but they just didn’t make the cut!

Update on the job hunt: I have finally gotten past the phone interview phase and am now on the face to face interview phase. I’ve now gone in for 2nd interviews and even a 3rd and am expecting to hear some offers next week. This should be interesting. One of them is a law firm, which I said I did not want to go back to, but it’s a great opportunity and the other two are corporate firms. Let’s see what happens. *fingers crossed*

I’ve been stepping up my workouts, not only am I doing a kickboxing bootcamp at KLF but I also go to Goodlife after. I’ve been going with my cousin and it’s actually better having a workout buddy then doing it by yourself. I feel like it’s more motivating when you’re on your last set and someone is screaming in your face and telling you it’ll be worth it in the end when you get that booty! I’m also training for Mud Hero in August and just decided today that we’ll be taking part in The Colour Run in August as well! EXCITING!!!! I have always wanted to try something like that and am happy to finally be apart of it this year. 2017 is all about breaking out of my comfort zone and trying new and challenging things.

I am also working on finalizing all the details for something I’ve had in the works for years but never really put in the time and energy into. I am so excited for you all to see it!!! It’s something I’ve always been very passionate about and always wanted to do but would get discouraged because so many others were doing it, but my mindset is different now. Why can’t I do it and be successful as well? Since it’s something I’ve always dreamed about doing and this year is all about breaking boundaries and rules, so why not give it a shot?! Plus, having the time off gave me the opportunity to put all my heart and soul into it. I cannot wait to finally launch it!


I know at the beginning of this year I was in a bad place and was really upset with the way things were going, but I feel like this all happened for a reason. It all helped me find who I am and what I want from life. All my experiences in the past couple of months have shaped me into a better person and I am so happy with the person I have become and the amazing people I have in my life.  I do believe in being a positive person, but I also believe that you need to take the negatives with the positives in life. You can’t just be all positive and ignore the negatives. The negatives are the experiences that make you a better person and help break you out of your comfort zone. BUT I’ve also noticed that I get easily annoyed with people and bored. I just can’t deal with petty bullshit. I don’t care if someone looked at you the wrong way or if you feel that someone is threatened by you, like just get over yourself! The world is not out to get you! Why can’t people just worry about themselves and not care what others have to say or do? I miss that about my ex-bestie. We could totally be ourselves around each other and were like sisters. It kinda sucks that we don’t talk anymore. I do miss her, like a lot, but what can you do? There are so many times when I just wanna call her and be like ok, we’re being stupid and go back to how things were. I honestly don’t think I could ever find someone else who could take her place, but I guess sometimes somethings are just not meant to happen. LOL this sounds like a breakup! It still sucks though. We’ve known each other for most of our lives, been through the bad and the good, gone through times where we wouldn’t speak to each other but things would go right back to normal, except this time. I feel like I’m always waiting for her to reach out to me. Blah, maybe I just need to get over it and accept it as is.

Yeah, I know, this post is all over the place, but that’s how I feel my life is right now. It’s just all over the place with everything that’s happening and I’m happy about that. It’s nice knowing that great things are on the horizon and it’s perfect timing because spring is here! (Well, maybe not today since it was like a blizzard this morning).

Until next time.




4 thoughts on “Life, as it is.

  1. Best of luck with the ongoing interviews. Just know that I’m rooting for you 🙂 You are such a smart and hardworking woman.
    Mud Hero and the Color Run sound exciting. Definitely looking it up on the Internet. Also, Very intrigued by the mystery project!!
    Not sure what do I say about the ex-best friend part. But I do agree that some bonds are special no matter what.

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  2. Catching up on your blogs and I have to say, that as much as you feel like your post is all over the place, it came together perfectly! Excited to hear more about this secret launch! Thanks for letting us inside your world!

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